Firebolt IoT Solutions

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to boost customer engagement and collect data. With endless customizable applications, we can custom develop and build solutions to enhance a marketing campaign, boost event engagement, or increase sales. The possibilities are endless!

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Here are some of the latest IoT campaign solutions developed by Firebolt.

An interactive display installed on convenience store coolers activates when customers approach, providing targeted marketing. Hot spot technology allows the display to offer real-time coupons.

With geo-fencing technology and scrolling messaging that can be remotely customized, one sign brings both brand and consumer activation. This sign features a slide panel to make it easily convertible for future campaigns.

Integrated with a convenience store loyalty program, interactive displays invite customers to play a game on the touchscreen for a chance to win a Mountain Dew prize. This IoT gamification increases customer retention and creates a value add for the c-store loyalty program.

Even static signs can be IoT enabled. An installed beacon, access point or IoT cellular enabled sensor allows the signs to be remotely checked to verify installation and activation. Adding a mini Wi-Fi network allows users to connect and interact with the brand through an app on their mobile device, turning any of our traditional signs into smart activated IoT solutions.

This sign combines remotely programmable messaging with local mobile hot spots. The display could be scrolling text or video, and the technology allows companies to push real-time coupons to activated devices that drives sales and customer retention.

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