Revolutionary Firebolt
SMRT signs for
under $200

Firebolt SMRT signs are the perfect in-store marketing package, providing modular versatility, adaptability, and sales potential. With our introductory offer, we can deliver a SMRT sign for under $200!

One sign becomes many signs! The ultimate in reusable signage, these signs can change their look and message as often as you like. Slide in a new panel to change the display and reprogram the LED message locally or remotely. SMRT signs come with up to 4 interchangeable modules for maximum flexibility – display one large message or several smaller ones! The scrolling LED messages and backlit display panels make these signs stand out to customers against other static advertising, at a much lower price point than full LCD displays.

Another way SMRT signs can be used is to coordinate national campaigns for live events that need regionally targeted messaging. A global beverage company used these signs at their events because of the ease of changing out the local promotion at each venue. These signs are IoT upgrade ready – when paired with Engage360, they are the perfect campaign partners for customer activation and engagement.

Great for running in-store promotions and advertising loyalty programs, SMRT signs can also be used as advertising space to sell to other brands or regional marketing campaigns. Because of this flexibility, SMRT signs deliver continued ROI long into the future.

Key Features

Eye-catching backlit displays and scrolling LED letters

Remotely programmable LED messaging

Interchangeable slide display panels

Integration with live data feeds, including our Engage360 for live data capture and POS activation

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