Firebolt Group changes the face of POS engagement with acquisition of Envisage. Drive sales & transform the customer experience in-store with our innovative technologies.

Ignite Your Brand Performance with Digital Solutions from Firebolt

Firebolt is the global leader in manufacturing cutting-edge LED signs and some of the most innovative digital display products available today. From LED solutions to smart mobile coupons and targeted video messaging, engage your audience in new and exciting ways with cutting-edge tools from Firebolt. Deploy the latest technology with custom interactive messaging and powerful analytics – all fully compliant, secure and plug-and-play ready.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Tailor existing products or let us create something never seen before to ideally suit your market.

Digital Advertising at the Point of Sale

Drive behavior at the point of decision through demographically and geographically targeted video messaging to spark impulse purchases.

Digital Advertising at The Point of Digital Sale

Digital Signage
Deliver motion-activated videos and offers through 4G networks.

Digital Pricing Units
Make pricing updates on site via laptop or smart phone through our web-based pricing manager. Ensure accurate pricing and save money over printed pricing with these flexible units.

Multi-Sensory Digital Shelf Talkers
Deliver crisp, up-to-the-minute offers, calls to action and pricing in a highly engaging manner at the point of decision.

Digital Touchscreen Kiosks
Display engaging content in bespoke kiosks designed to suit your needs.


Applications to Track & Influence Behavior

Tools to enrich the in-store experience, shape the buyer journey, and generate brand buzz.

Applications to Track & Influence Behavior

Facial Recognition
Deliver custom content according to consumer age, facial expression, and gender with cutting-edge facial recognition tools that synch activity with sales and give unprecedented insight into your consumers’ behavior.

Digital RFID/Barcode Scanners/Light Sensors
Stimulate shoppers and give them a frictionless way to interact with and learn about products.


Custom On-Demand Analytics

Use variable messaging to capture activation and engagement metadata.

Custom On-Demand Analytics

Web-Based Dashboards
Manage global / national / regional / local marketing campaigns easily and securely with real-time reporting. Track and measure notifications sent, ads opened, loyalty signups, Facebook shares, website clicks, coupons used, user demographics—and more!


Interactive Digital Solutions

Get your audience engaged in a truly interactive fashion.

Interactive Digital Solutions

Interactive Gamification & Rewards
Engage customers with fun, experiential marketing games and rewards to drive sales and loyalty.

Live Events
Work with current live event marketing programs to win consumer preference and drive to retail.

IOT Sensors
Deploy a range of web-connected sensors to measure dwell-time and activity, and collect fine-grained data on shopper behavior for more informed decision making.

IOT Geo-Targeting / Mobile / Portal
Push relevant content to cell phones when consumers are close by. Build, manage, and analyze campaigns with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Compliance & Security
We go the extra mile to ensure compliance and security in our distributed network infrastructure.


Management Services

Get analytics, data collection, evaluation & reporting, ongoing backend programing, network consulting & management.

Management Services

IOT Asset Tracking (Including Cat-M1)
    o Track anything, anywhere in the US
    o Low monthly cell costs
    o Incredible battery life

    o Easy-to-use dashboard and reporting

Engage 360 Live Marketing Platform
Use our SAAS platform to connect and incentivize consumers to engage with the brand at live events or in store. Amplify live branded destination URLs for events activating across the country.

Custom Third-Party Loyalty, IT and CRM Integration
Firebolt has proven experience developing web and mobile APIs that integrate into highly complex and highly secure environments for the CPG, banking, automotive, retail and spirits industries.


Firebolt Labs

With state-of-the-art production facilities in the US, Canada, the UK and China, the expert engineers at Firebolt Labs can deliver a working prototype in less than 10 days, while other companies can take up to four weeks or longer.

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