Firebolt Group changes the face of POS engagement with acquisition of Envisage. Drive sales & transform the customer experience in-store with our innovative technologies.

History of Firebolt Group

May 15

Estrakon Inc Established in Ann Arbor Garage

September 15

Animated LED Technogly Introduced

April 15

US Manufacturing Commences

January 1

East coast office establishded

January 8

Krysal LED Displays Introduced

May 15

First International Orders Shipped

June 10

CNC Router technology installed for in-house manufacturing

December 15

First million dollar year concluded

April 10

Expanded Manufacturing Facility Established in Ann Arbor

September 7

First Digital Product introduced in UK market

October 22

Won the ‘Fast Track Award’ for the First Time

January 15

Kontent Push Platform Introduced in the USA

April 15

Tech Art Merger completed

May 10

Flatbed Printing technology installed for in-house manufacturing

October 22

Won Fast Track Award for the Second Year

July 7

Opened new manufacturing facility in Wixom, Michigan

October 22

Won Fast Track Award for the Third Year

January 20

Estrakon and Tecart combined and renamed to Firebolt

July 2

Illuminate UK Merger completed

September 15

Firebolt Labs established

October 15

EY Entrepreneneur of the Year Finalist

April 1

Retail floor ad delivery network introduced in the USA

May 10

Nominated for top 50 Companies to Watch in Michigan

July 15

Cooler TV rolled out in the USA

July 20

Trademark received – Firebolt – Igniting Brand Performance

September 15

LEDEON Patent filed

January 24

Hires Tylar & Company Digital Marketing & Design

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